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Who Am I ?

I am Marine, but I am sure you already know it if you already visited my website.

Born of a Venetian mother and a French dad, I grew up between France, Luxembourg and Italy. Naturally, I became perfectly bilingual, and I learned to know Italy as my pocket, having traveled from north to south and from east to west. My dual culture and my knowledge of this beautiful country are real assets when you are a Destination Wedding Planner.

I always wanted to become a Wedding Planner, but a few years ago, it was not really recognized as a “real job” and there was simply no real strong training. So I took a different path: that of business management while organizing the wedding of my closest friends. It was while preparing my own wedding in the Italian Dolomites, not far from Venice the Serenissima, that my desire reappeared. Thanks to my warm and genuine wedding (and some glasses of Spritz), I started to establish a real address book and I made very strong links with Italian providers. Destination wedding Italy. Dolomites-Lake Como-Tuscany Italian wedding Planner French Wedding planner 

My two agencies – between France and Italy

This is why I have decided to set up my two agencies where, I come from and where I live. This first one is in Metz (Lorraine – France, nearby Luxembourg), and the second one in Asiago (I am sure you have already heard about the Asiago Cheese), in Italian Dolomites, not so far from Venice, Verona (yes, yes, the city of Romeo and Juliet), Vicenza and Treno. Destination wedding Italy. Dolomites-Lake Como-Tuscany Italian wedding Planner French Wedding planner 

A strong training

But ahead of creating my agencies and getting onto the big stage of Wedding Planner, it was very important for me to get trained seriously. To meet the expectations and needs of my clients, it seemed obvious to me to find a solid training that teaches me methods that have proven themselves. After having drastically scoured the schools in France, Luxembourg and Belgium, it was towards the school that seemed to me the most serious that my choice fell: Réussir dans le Mariage© by Muriel Saldalamacchia.

With her experience and an international reputation, Muriel (a.k.a the International Wedding Planner) allows me to learn this profession with her for a year with solid methods and real feedback. Destination wedding Italy. Dolomites-Lake Como-Tuscany Italian wedding Planner French Wedding planner 

My Job

Every day, I look for you for new providers to expand my collaborations, and be able to offer you providers adapted to your personalities and whished for your beautiful day.

It is for this same purpose that I conduct interviews – meetings with the providers that I select. I love my job, so I am very keen to get deeply involved for you, surpassing myself and be as honest as possible in order to officer you such an unforgettable and original wedding: it will look like you and to nothing else (at Sweet love & Confettis’, REMAKE does not exist).

I just want and need that providers that I suggest and work with are in the same philosophy as me, in order to assemble a true team, with quite similar but certainly complementary profiles

What I am looking for ? Passionate about their job, their art, people with big heart and different universes every time.

These interviews will be posted on my blog (the Wedding Planner Diary, because it will be as a mirror of my daily life, my profession that I love and my emotions) upon realisation. Visit my blog and website regularly for fresh articles and updated.

I already see the question coming^^: Why this Diary ?

Simply to be able to bring together in one place all the topics that future #Bridetobe, couples and Wedding Planner address.

Here, I will approach, therefore, full of topics always keeping in mind to be transparent with you and to bring you reliable information.


Specialising in Destination Wedding requires above all a strong desire to travail and a great curiosity about the world and the cultures that surround us. Having travelled extensively for my previous work and for studies, I appreciated the organisation that it requires.

Today, I am aware that you, Dear Lovers, travel a lot, whether for your professional life and / or your leisure. Besides, like my own personal life, you may have met your future wife/husband on another continent or in another country with a culture different from yours.

Did you know, for example, that in Luxembourg, not far from my Wedding Planner Agency in Moselle, there are more than 80 different nationalities? A true dreamcatcher for international meetings and weddings.

It is essential for me to adapt to you, to your culture and to be available for you by dialing with different time zones if you live in another country.

At Sweet love & Confettis’, nothing is impossible! We love Challenges to create your 100% customized and 100% personalised event.


So tell us your story and give us a new challenge !


We create, organize and coordinate your wedding in Lorraine, Luxembourg, Italy and wherever your wishes will take you.

My team and I are transparent with you (yes yes I repeat myself ^^ but it’s so important!) That’s why we work with secure online tools from which you can access 24/7 and anywhere in the world, at all the schedules we have created for you as well as quotes, mood-board, briefs etc etc …

I finish on the mantra that best defines my philosophy of life and work: this is the famous quote from Oscar Wilde: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

? See you soon Dear Lovers ! ? Destination wedding Italy. Dolomites-Lake Como-Tuscany
Italian wedding Planner
French Wedding planner


IMG 7000 - Your Wedding Planner - Wedding planner - Organisation de Mariage en France, au Luxembourg, en italie, en provence, à la montagne

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